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  • Antoine ​Aylwin

    Partner, Privacy & Information Protection Group | Montréal Fasken
    "Legislative amendments continue to increase the protection of third party economic interests..."
  • Anthony ​F. ​Baldanza

    Partner, Co-Leader of Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group | Toronto Fasken
    "While there are many similarities between US antitrust law and Canadian competition law, there are..."
  • W. Thomas ​Barlow

    Partner, Leader of Infrastructure & Public-Private Partnerships Group | Toronto Fasken
    "As Canadian legal expertise and experience in P3 projects is recognized internationally, expansion into new jurisdictions, municipalities and markets is growing."
  • John ​P. ​Beardwood

    Partner, Leader of Information Technology Group | Toronto Fasken
    “Unlike many ongoing commercial relationships between parties, the service provider in an outsourcing becomes an integral..."
  • Luc ​Beliveau

    Partner, Insolvency & Restructuring Group and Chairman of the Board | Montréal Fasken
    "Virtually every significant recent restructuring filing has a cross-border element..."
  • Sylvie ​Bourdeau

    Partner, Co-leader of Life Sciences Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Daniel Brock

    Partner, Leader of Government Relations & Strategy Group | Ottawa, Toronto Fasken
    "It’s crucial to understand how your business or industry may be affected by the current Canadian..."
  • Stuart ​Brotman

    Partner, Leader of Insolvency & Restructuring Group | Toronto Fasken
    “As the restructuring of cross-border enterprises has matured, coordination of US and Canadian insolvency…”
  • Alex ​Cameron

    Partner, Leader of Privacy Information Protection Group | Toronto Fasken
    "The time for addressing the global reach of Canadian privacy, anti-spam and cybersecurity laws has come...”
  • Andrea ​L. ​Centa

    Partner, Co-Leader of Real Estate Group | Toronto Fasken
    "With the Canadian real-estate market continuing to experience steady growth, it remains an attractive ..."
  • Pierre-Olivier ​Charlebois

    Partner, Leader of Corporate Social Responsibility Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Raymond Chrétien

    Partner Fasken
    "Softwood lumber remains an explosive and complex issue that will necessitate careful and ..."
  • Koker ​Christensen

    Partner, Co-Chair of Financial Institutions Group | Toronto Fasken
    "One of the crucial contributing factors to the global financial crisis was inadequate risk management..."
  • Richard ​J. ​Clare

    Partner, Chair of Real Estate Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Stephen ​D.A. ​Clark

    Partner, Co-Chair of Financial Institutions Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Michael ​Coburn

    Partner, Tax Group | Vancouver Fasken
    "The exchange of information between taxation authorities can leave taxpayers vulnerable..."
  • Tracey M. Cohen, QC

    Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group Fasken
    Tracey Cohen, QC is a leading commercial litigation and dispute resolution Partner in the Vancouver office. Tracey has repeatedly been recognized as one of Canada’s top 25 female litigators. Emphatically described by one client as "nothing short of a genius," Tracey is recognized for her ability to strategize the best approach for complex corporate/commercial disputes. She is recognized as “very strong in developing relationships” and for understanding her clients’ business and objectives. Tracey is currently a member of the Firm’s Partnership Board.
  • Laura Cooper

    Partner, Chair of the Ontario Litigation Group and Co-Chair of Class Actions Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Rosalind ​H. Cooper

    Partner, Environmental Law Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Geoffrey ​Cowper, QC

    Partner, Leader of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group | Vancouver Fasken
    "...the widely perceived conflict between justice and efficiency goals is not based in reason or ..."
  • Sergio ​C. ​Custodio

    Partner, Co-Leader of Real Estate Group | Vancouver Fasken
  • Jean-Nicolas ​Delage

    Partner, Co-Leader of Start-up & Emerging Company Services Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Julie ​Desrosiers

    Partner, Leader of Intellectual Property Group | Montréal Fasken
    "A new, balanced and efficient patent linkage system will ensure predictability and finality of outcomes for…"
  • Huy ​A. ​Do

    Partner, Co-Leader of Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Nicolas ​Faucher

    Partner, Co-Chair of Financial Institutions Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Guy ​W. ​Giorno

    Partner, Leader of Political Law Group | Ottawa, Toronto Fasken
    "Don’t attend a political fundraising event without checking local lobbying and ethics laws..."
  • Lynne ​Golding

    Partner, Leader of Health Group | Toronto Fasken
    "Progress in the healthcare sector relies on identifying and overcoming..."
  • Sarah ​Graves

    Partner, Labor & Employment Group | Toronto Fasken
    "An effective investigation allows the opportunity to address workplace problems early, reduce the risk of..."
  • Elena ​M. ​Hoffstein

    Partner, Leader of Estate Planning Group | Toronto Fasken
    "Individuals and families who engage in philanthropy have a number of options in organizing their charitable..."
  • Jon ​J. ​Holmstrom

    Partner, Leader of Banking & Finance Group | Toronto Fasken
    "The country’s largest financial institutions have been taking a serious look at the innovations that...."
  • Kibben ​Jackson

    Partner, Insolvency & Restructuring Group | Vancouver Fasken
    "The current insolvency climate requires more innovative and practical resolutions rather than..."
  • Darrell Jarvis

    Partner, Franchising Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Claude ​E. Jodoin, M Fisc

    Partner, Tax Group | Montréal Fasken
    "All business, property & employment income, whether active or passive, falls within the scope of ..."
  • Stephen ​B. ​Kerr

    Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions and Chair of US Initiatives | Toronto Fasken
    "What primarily drives cross-border M&A into Canada are two things: commodity prices and foreign exchange..."
  • Gerald (Jay) ​Kerr-Wilson

    Partner, Leader of Communications Group | Ottawa Fasken
    "The inherently borderless nature of the internet is a direct challenge to a statutory system of rights ..."
  • Peter ​E. ​Kirby

    Partner, International Trade Group | Montréal Fasken
    "The next four years will be challenging for businesses, but there are many initiatives companies can..."
  • Neil ​Kravitz

    Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions Group | Montréal Fasken
    "Investment and deal-flow activity between the Canadian and U.S. borders remains strong..."
  • Mariella ​Lo Papa

    Partner, Co-Leader of Real Estate Group & Leader of Retail Group | Montréal Fasken
  • Peter ​N. ​Mantas

    Partner, Co-Leader of White Collar Defense & Investigations Group, Co-Leader of the Procurement Group, Leader of the Ottawa Litigation Group | Ottawa, Ottawa Fasken
    "In an increasingly complex business world, the risk of running afoul of the law, both at home and abroad..."
  • Paul ​J. ​Martin

    Partner, Class Actions Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Robert ​W. McDowell

    Partner, Co-Chair of Financial Institutions Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Kar Cheong (KC) Miu

    Partner, Co-Chair Private Client Services Group Fasken
    “Successful business continuity and succession planning requires concerted collaboration between client and advisors.”
  • Andrew ​I. ​Nathanson

    Partner, Co-Leader of White Collar Defense & Investigations Group | Vancouver Fasken
  • Andrew ​S. ​Nunes

    Partner, Information Technology Group | Toronto Fasken
    "With the cloud revolutionizing technology, businesses will have to rapidly adjust to this new reality ..."
  • Kevin ​O'Callaghan

    Partner, Leader of Aboriginal Law Group | Vancouver Fasken
    "The underlying question of when a legal duty to consult arises in the development of a project has..."
  • Peter ​J. ​Pliszka

    Partner, Leader of Product Liability Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Martin Racicot

    Partner, Financing & Banking Law Fasken
  • Gerald (Gerry) L.R. Ranking

    Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution | Toronto Fasken
  • Caitlin Rose

    Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions Fasken
  • Adam Saskin

    Partner, Corporate/Commercial & Real Estate Fasken
  • Clifford ​Sosnow

    Partner, Anti-Bribery & Corruption Group | Ottawa, Toronto Fasken
    "Companies depending on cross-border supply chains running predictably and smoothly face the possibility of..."
  • Keith ​E. ​Spencer

    Partner, Co-Leader of Start-Up & Emerging Company Services Group | Vancouver Fasken
  • Timothy ​M. ​Squire

    Partner | Toronto Fasken
  • Christopher ​Steeves

    Partner, Leader of Tax Group | Toronto Fasken
    "The only way to keep tax planning confidential is to ensure it is protected by solicitor-client privilege..."
  • Richard ​J. ​Steinberg

    Partner, Leader of Mergers & Acquisitions Group | Toronto Fasken
  • John ​S.M. ​Turner

    Partner, Leader of Global Mining Group | Toronto Fasken
  • Claire ​Vachon

    Partner, Leader of Labor, Employment & Human Rights Group | Ottawa Fasken
    "Have you given your pay equity plan all the attention it deserves? The law requires it be maintained..."
  • James Villeneuve

    Consultant, Senior Business Advisor | Toronto Fasken
  • Corina ​S. ​Weigl

    Partner, Leader of Private Client Services Group | Toronto Fasken
    "In the area of estate planning, particularly in terms of business succession, trusts are a key tool..."
  • Paul ​C. ​Wilson

    Partner, Leader of Energy Group | Vancouver Fasken
    "It is crucial to begin taking steps to become compliant not only with current environmental regulations..."
  • Kareen ​A. ​Zimmer

    Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions Group | Vancouver Fasken