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Guy ​W. ​Giorno

Guy ​Giorno
Don’t attend a political fundraising event without checking local lobbying and ethics laws.
Title Partner, Leader of Political Law Group
Languages Spoken English


Guy ​Giorno


Guy Giorno practises political law, including lobbyist registration, government ethics, public-sector conflict of interest and government procurement.

Former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada, Guy remains an active, influential force in shaping lobbyist registration laws in Canada. Widely recognized as Canada’s leading expert in lobbying law, Guy regularly represents corporate executives and lobbyists in enforcement proceedings, and guides companies and organizations to adopt strategies and policies to ensure political law compliance. He has testified on lobbying law and government ethics before parliamentary and legislative committees, has been consulted by several provinces on the design of their lobbyist registries, and serves as Lobbyist Registrar for Brampton, Canada’s ninth largest city.

An active, non-partisan advocate for government transparency, lobbying ethics and electoral reform, Guy is has been appointed as the integrity commissioner (responsible for administering government ethics rules) in 17 Ontario municipalities. Frequently appearing in leading business media outlets, including CBC News, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and The Hill Times, Guy is the co-author of the legal text Lobbying in Canada and Chair of the “Law of Lobbying and Ethics” committee of the Canadian Bar Association.