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Jean-Nicolas ​Delage

Jean-Nicolas ​Delage
Title Partner, Co-Leader of Start-up & Emerging Company Services Group
Languages Spoken French, English


Jean-Nicolas ​Delage


Jean-Nicolas Delage specializes in the protection, management and commercialization of intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

He frequently advises clients in the context of commercial transactions involving intellectual property, including negotiating and drafting cooperation or license agreements as well as conducting due diligence investigations of intellectual property assets.

He also participates in the creation of patent pools following the adoption of new standards by standard-setting bodies and advises clients on intellectual property issues that arise during the standardization process.

Jean-Nicolas acquired a proven expertise in the development of intellectual property management strategies and policies for granting agencies and research consortiums involving the government, industrial and academic partners as well as government research centers.

Jean-Nicolas is also active in the fields of information technology, software and video games, notably with regards to licensing or negotiation of software development agreements.

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