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Doing Business in Québec

Québec’s business environment is very dynamic and offers many advantages to investors carrying on business in Québec.

Québec offers many advantages to investors, including the fact that operating costs are low and the Québec government provides very attractive tax incentives. 

However, certain requirements must be met when doing business in Québec. As in any jurisdiction, certain additional considerations are relevant including:

  • Registration of Business: Companies operating a business in Québec must register in Québec and provide certain information.
  • Language Considerations: French is Québec’s official language. Some obligations are imposed on companies carrying on a business in Québec.
  • Employment and Labour Law: Québec employment and labour legislation includes employment standards, health and safety legislation, pay equity, and privacy as well as human rights legislation prohibiting discrimination.
  • Immigration and Transfer Intra-Company: Any person, other than a Québec resident, must obtain a certificate of acceptance for temporary work to engage in employment in Québec. Executives, managers and specialized knowledge workers may receive a work permit for Québec without first obtaining confirmation of the job offer.
  • Environmental Law: Québec environmental law gives every person the right to a healthy environment and to its protection, and to the protection of the living species inhabiting it. Non-compliance with this legislation can result in potentially large fines.