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Fasken’s Health Law group is a multidisciplinary team of health law experts schooled in the complexities of health care delivery, administration, technology and regulation.
two healthcare professionals looking at chart

Booming demand for health care is pushing the public health care sector to provide patients with more for less. More access, more solutions and more choice but at lower costs.

At the same time, private health sector providers are seeking to help meet those needs and to fill the gaps. Successful operation in this sector requires a knowledge of a myriad of sometimes overlapping and conflicting conventions, rules, by-laws, policies, guidelines, directives, regulations and laws. 

We provide advice to clients about all aspects of their dealings in the sector, whether it is provided in specific opinions, or whether it informs positions to be taken in negotiations, clauses to be added to policies or agreements, processes to be followed in transferring licences or other assets, due diligence to be undertaken before introducing new health service offerings or forming new alliances or within measures designed to reduce the risk of liability.

We act for publicly funded organizations, professional colleges, charities, private corporations and individuals that provide, fund, regulate or service the provision of health care delivery.

Our clients include hospitals and health authorities, long-term care homes, health care professionals and their regulatory colleges, home care companies, family health teams, family health organizations, independent health facilities and private clinics, among others

How can we help?

  • Private Health Care
  • Health Policy and Regulation
  • Medical - Legal
  • Risk Management
  • Ehealth
  • Regulatory Colleges
  • Ancillary Revenue - Social Enterprise
  • Health System Governance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Health Care Charities
  • Privacy and Access to Information
  • Shared Services

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