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Estate Planning

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Once we have worked with you to clarify what your values and objectives are, our acknowledged leaders in estate planning can develop a well-designed plan to fulfill those values and objectives.

The plan we develop with you may include wills, domestic contracts, a succession plan for your business, a charitable giving strategy to fulfill your social capital legacy, powers of attorney and trusts. We will work independently or with your other advisers to develop an integrated estate plan which meets your values and objectives, while minimizing the impact of income taxes and probate fees.

sailboat in sunset

Our services also include assisting with the administration of the estate or trust including advising executors and trustees and, in many cases, acting as their agents in the day-to-day administration of the estate.

We can also attend to fiduciary accounting, gathering information on the assets and liabilities of an estate, applying for grants of probate or letters of administration, making all necessary filings with the Canada Revenue Agency and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

The multi-jurisdictional property interests of our clients often require the development of a co-ordinated plan to leverage differing legal and tax regimes. Through our international offices and the reputation of individual members of our group, we have access to experts in other jurisdictions who can assist in this regard.