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In today's economy, companies, big or small, regional or multinational, enjoy the services of foreign workers in senior executive, professional, highly skilled technical positions or trades.

In Canada, a complex and lengthy bureaucratic process governs the admission of foreign workers.

Fasken’s labour and employment lawyers can guide you through the process regardless of the industry or sector in which your business operates.

How can we help?

  • Facilitation of entry into Canada and the US for frequent Business Visitors
  • Temporary resident visas
  • Work permit exemptions for after-sales services providers, performing artists, etc.
  • Work permits for intra-company transfers of senior executive, specialized knowledge employees, professionals, consultants or other labour market opinion exempted situations
  • Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (when a shortage of skilled employees has to be demonstrated prior to hiring a foreign workers)
  • Bulk work permit applications
  • Special temporary permits to overcome an inadmissibility ground (due to a previous criminal conviction or medical condition)
  • Young Worker Programs (for interns and trainees)
  • Spousal work permits
  • Study permits for family members
  • Permanent residence
  • Canadian citizenship
  • General border-crossing troubleshooting