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Political Law (including Lobbying Compliance)

Political Law
Each jurisdiction in Canada (federal, provincial, local) has its own rules on lobbyist registration, campaign finance, procurement and other political laws.
Political Law

Our team provides expert guidance on Canada’s complex and changing lobbying laws, government conflict of interest rules, gift restrictions, government procurement laws, open government and public sector ethics.

Our expertise in lobbying law compliance makes us widely recognized as leaders in Canada (we are by far the largest Canadian legal team devoted to this discipline). We practice in all fields of political law on behalf of domestic and foreign corporations, organizations, public office holders, political parties and candidates, and individuals.

Our expertise the field is recognized by regulators, governments, clients and the news media. We combine in-depth legal expertise with knowledge of government’s inner workings to deliver practical, useful guidance.

How can we help?

  • Lobbyist Registration
  • Lobbying Law Compliance
  • Rules on Hospitality and Gifts
  • Responding to Enforcement Proceedings
  • Due-diligence audits and corporate policy development
  • Public-sector conflict of interest
  • Hiring Former Government Officials (Revolving Door Rules)
  • Applying for Waivers, Reductions and Exemptions for former Government officials